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Moving Comfort offers women's fitness apparel, undergarments, and accessories on a colorful website. The website is vibrant in color and full of energy, which is great as the products relate to active lifestyles! 

The origins of Moving Comfort date back to 1977, when there were no women's workout clothes. A time that is hard to imagine today! The parent company for Moving Comfort is Brooks Sports, which has created Brooks Running. Brooks Running is linked to Moving Comfort, which provides consumers easy access to Brooks running shoes to complete their outfits.

Athletic gear at Moving Comfort are categorized according to:

For Sports Bras, consumers can shop by cup size or by style. The bras come in a rang of beautiful colors. Cup sizes range from A to E. For style, there is:

Specific athletic apparel at Moving Comfort includes:

The apparel for women at Moving Comfort is suited for a variety of sports, such as yoga, gym, and running. Currently, the website only ships to destinations within the United States (all 50 states and US territories) and APO/FPO addresses.

Moving Comfort: What makes it different?

Moving Comfort stands apart from online competitors in these ways:

  • Every product is designed for women. Many sports websites offer men's, women's, and kids' fitness products within one website. AT Moving Comfort, women are front and center; resources focus on meeting specific needs of women alone. 
  • The company dates back to 1977! Many fitness retailers stem from partnerships formed within the last 10 years and some founders were not even born in 1977! Moving Comfort has invested time in researching and analyzing women's fitness-related clothing to ensure they are functional for women and encourage active lifestyles.
  • Moving Comfort has a four-part philosophy that communicates its passion for providing women with quality products that meet their needs: 
  1. Moving means moving - The clothes are designed for what women do and whatever they do. The clothes are not limitations to the movements.
  2. Quality comes first - Moving Comfort's knowledge, expertise and high standards shape each garment they design. Fit, fabric, and function are important details.
  3. Fit affects everything - Fitness improves a woman's life in many ways, by reducing incidence of heart disease, breast cancer, depression, and more. When women feel comfortable they are more likely to be active; comfort is important at Moving Comfort
  4. Running responsibly - Moving Comfort acts with integrity, respect, and excellence in regards to consumers and company environments.
  • Moving Comfort partners with local retailers across the US to host FitFests. FitFests are special fitting events where women can be fit for the perfect sports bra.
  • Sports bras are "Girlfriend tested, lab approved". The company tests the sports bras both in the lab and on the street. The website invites women to help test the sports bras and provide opinions based on performance and fit. Moving Comfort is in tune with its consumers and works with them to provide new products. Customer feedback is important to the company.
  • Sports Bra Fitting Room feature of the website. The Bra Finder, expert fit tips and videos help women find their best fitting sports bras. These helpful features demonstrate Moving Comfort's passion to go above and beyond simply selling fitness products.
Moving Comfort vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Moving Comfort)

Leading rivals to Moving Comfort are Danskin, Fila, and Adidas.

Pros of Danskin are:

  • Sells dance and cheer team apparel for women; Moving Comfort does not provide these specific categories.
  • Offers athletic wear for both women and girls; Moving Comfort focuses only on women.
  • Danskin's "Move For Change" has included celebrities such as Hilary Duff and Jenny McCarthy; Moving Comfort does not have celebrity promotion.

Cons of Danskin are:

  • Orders over $75 USD are free; Moving Comfort offers free shipping on orders over $50, which is a better deal. Expedited shipping is $7 USD.
  • Less selection of Sports Bras than at Moving Comfort.
  • Website has less vibrancy of color; there is less interest and enthusiasm in appearance than Moving Comfort.

For Fila, pros are:

  • Sells products worldwide; Moving Comfort limits to United States destinations.
  • Offers athletic gear for women, men, and children; Moving Comfort only sells athletic gear to women.
  • More variety of accessories than at Moving Comfort (such as water bottles and socks).

For Fila, cons are:

  • Less variety of Sports Bras than at Moving Comfort.
  • Focus is shared between women, men, and kids; Moving Comfort is designed specifically to meet female's needs
  • Fila charges an $8 re-stocking fee for returns; Moving Comfort does not charge consumers in its 30-days return policy.

For Adidas, pros are:

  • Sells athletic gear for men, women, and kids. Moving Comfort does not sell apparel for men or kids.
  • Sells shoes with own logo. Moving Comfort is connected to Brooks Running but does not have its own signature shoes.
  • Sells swimwear for women; Moving Comfort does not sell swimwear.

Cons of Adidas are:

  • Women share the website with men and kids; Moving Comfort specializes in athletic gear for women.
  • Moving Comfort currently offers a free headband with $60 purchase; Adidas does not offer this freebie.
  • Does not have a Sport Bra Fitting Room feature like at Moving Comfort to ensure proper fit.
Moving Comfort: Pricing & packages

Examples of current pricing at Moving Comfort are as follows:

There are great deals in the Sales section, such as:

Pricing of sports bras is comparable between Moving Comfort and Adidas. For example:

  • Adidas Women's Running Supernova Racer Bra - $40 USD

Moving Comfort, however, does have the edge of providing the Sports Bra Finder tool. As well, Moving Comfort currently offers a free headband with $60 purchase. 

Moving Comfort: Product images & screenshots
Moving Comfort Coupons
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Moving Comfort: Customer reviews & comments

Moving Comfort's fitness apparel and sports bras have been featured recently online at,, and Moving Comfort provides a number of customer reviews for each of its athletic products on its own website. Here are a few reviews from the website, as well other review found around the Web:

Alli gives the Vixen A/B Sports Bra two stars out of five, as it provides support but is tight:

  • "Great bra, good support. But getting it off is really difficult. It's a bit snug even though it's the right size. Wouldn't purchase again."

Consumer musicalshoelaces gives the Fiona Sports Bra five stars out of five:

  • "Love this bra! Have only tried this and the Rebound Racer from MC so far, but this is the winner so far! The side seams do start to rub after a few hours, so might need to look for another distance bra, but otherwise wouldn't part with it!"

Christine concludes that the Fiona Sports Bra is comfortable and has great colors:

  • "...the Fiona sports bra is extremely comfortable and supportive, without feeling too bulky. But an added bonus is that the bra comes in very stylish colors."

Leana tried Moving Comfort's Diana bra as part of a triathlon experiment and is "impressed" (writer's words) with the item:

  • "One of my favourite bras from my triathlon bra experiment was Moving Comfort’s Diana bra. I was really impressed with how it fared as it absorbed the least amount of water and seemed to dry well."
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